Launch X431_the best assistant for maintenance technicians

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I work in automotive and have used this scanner many times on many cars and have had no complaints what so ever.It does everything you need to do on a car as far as diagnostics and data and its a fraction of the cost next to a snap-on scanner or otc scanner 

This is an item i have previously had a bad experience with . I have been in the automotive 45 yrs,. and still was spun in circles and lost $2200.00 the last time.The first "Launch" unit was purchaced from a company called was what we wanted as it has all the diagnostic values needed for european,japanese and american cars as well.The unit was a pirated one through not only quit functioning properly,but was unable to be serviced because of its origin.the place of purchace was un-reachable.Now i'm spoiled with the Launchs'ease of operation and want (NEED)another..herefore i contacted the supplier for Amazon( expressing my concerns and after 2 short messages i realized he was not only on the "up & up",but knowledgable as well. Thus my order came in a timely fashion and was as advertised also works well. ..thank you.

Hi Leeda,
Thanks for checking on my scanner.
The Idiag works great.
I have no problems with the X431 iDiag and if have been recommending it to my friends who are also in the car repair business.
I also own the launch x431 and honestly I like the new Idiag as much as the x431.
In fact I think the Idiag is a better tool than the x431.
Downloading diag software to the Idiag is very easy and I like that a lot.
Have a great day