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Newly updates Launch x431 software

Posted by Launch X431 on May 20, 2014 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (4)

Three newly software updates for x431 series in May 5th, including Honda v44.60, EOBD diagnostic software v22.24 and Chrysler v28.30. X431 series newest software for like launch x431 IV and X431 diagun III users are good news.


What features are new added? Let us have a look one by one.


X431 series Honda diagnostic software v44.60


This new version of software totally launched 16 languages, including Simplified Chinese, German, English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Greek, French, Korean, Arabic, and Persian.


It adds new mode of diagnostic support on ACC, D-DPS, EDLC, PAWS, and ESB system. Besides, it improves the basic functions on TPMS, H-IECU, EVPS and SH-AWD systems.


X431 series EOBD diagnostic software v22.24


It revises the Japanese and English dynamical text messy codes and display error.


X431 series Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30


Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 is available with English, simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Italian and Turkish.


V28.30 adds new CAN protocol after 2013, including ASCM, DCU, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, ESL, and FFCM systems; and all basic functions, including data stream, version information, specification and action test.


Adding CCD protocol, DDM, MSM, OHC, PDM, SKM, SRS systems and data flow, version information, read and clear codes. It also adds check/inquiry function of action test data flow.


It perfects CAN protocol after 2013, BCM, ABS, CCN, ADCM, AFLS, AHLM, AMP, ASCM, CSWM, CTM, DCU, DDM, DMRR DTCM, DVD, EDM, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, EPS, ESL, ESM, FDCM, FFCM, HIDT, HVAC, and WCM, basic functions including data stream, version information, specification, and action test.


Finally, Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 improves CCD protocol, TCM, ABS and BCM system basic functions, and optimizes data flow refresh.

The reasons of X431 idiag is popular and available for DIYers?

Posted by Launch X431 on May 9, 2014 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

1. X431 idiag is applied to mobile terminal and internet available new design diagnostic device, including android smart phones, iphones, ipad, and itouch and so on. In this way, many users could access to diagnosis anytime and anywhere.

2. X431 idiag is researched and developed by Launch Technology based on more than 20-year auto diagnostic experience.

3. X431 idiag combines the advantages of internet application, providing users with more applications and services, including repair cases and cases data, timely repair information, public and private communities and so on.

4. x431 idiag could use device connector to connect mobile terminals’ Bluetooth, enabling to diagnostic full vehicle model and full systems diagnosis, including reading faults codes, clear fault codes, read vehicle data flow, action testing and special functions and so on.

In this case, it builds up a universal automotive diagnostic community, which enables people to share and make use of repair and maintenance knowledge, repair experience exchange, repair service support online.


Four aspects make sure the DIYers convenient and simple operation on x431 series useage, accurate and efficient diagnosis on diyers own vehicles.

X431 iDiag work with IPAD and iPhone

Posted by Launch X431 on May 9, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

With this X431 iDiag, your iPhone or IPAD will turn to be a powerful diagnostic scanner!

X431 iDiag for iPad iPhone Functions:

1. OBDII full function

2. Search and help OBDII DTCs, display data stream graph

3. Support record and playback the tested data stream

4. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of one single vehicle model

5. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of multiple vehicle models

6. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of all vehicle models

7. Create maintenance database

8. “My zone” functions

9. Establish public and private maintenance social circle

10. Provide instant information

11. Support online update


Asia Car Software Bundle: Total 42 Car Models

Asia Car Software Bundle List: Acura, Changan, ChangCheng, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Flyer, Australia Ford, Hafei, HaoQing, Holden, Honda, HuaChen, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jacty, Jiao, JinLong, JPIsuzu, Kia, Lexus, Luwei_TY, Mahindra, Maruti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perodua, Proton, Qirui_TY, SSANGYONG, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, TLIsuzu, Toyota, Xiali, ZhongShun, ZhongTai and ZhongXing.

European and USA Car Software Bundle: Total 31 car models

European and USA Car Software Bundle List: Benz, BMW, VW, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Opel, Audi, Smart, EURO Ford, Fiat, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, Rover, Saab, Jaguar, Lancia, Romeo, Dacia, Mini, GMSA, VAZ, Volvo, GM, BXGM, Chrysler, GAZ, Porsche, Sprinter and USAFORD.

X431 iDiag iPad iPhone IOS Requirements:


X431 iDiag works with iphone ipad ipod touch with iOS 5.0 or above iOS 5.0.

How to use X431 iDiag on iphone Ipad Ipod touch?

Step 1: Install Terminal Software

Step 2: Connect X431 iDiag diagnostic connector with car and iphone ipad ipod touch

Step 3: Register CC number

Step 4: Connector Registration

Step 5: Pay the software (you are allowed to pay on the PC)

Step 6: Download the software

Step 7: Now you are ready to use Launch Auto Diag to diagnose car models.

Top Launch X431 Creader scanners comparisons

Posted by Launch X431 on April 29, 2014 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

There have many kinds of Launch Creaders, maybe you have no idea which one to buy. Here I would like to make a comparison  for the top list Launch Creader in the following parts, and hope it will give you some useful instruction before you decide to order any one of Launch creaders.


Function and workable car models comparison:

All of the Launch Creaders have diagnostic function, including: read DTC and Clear DTC, display OBDII Data Stream, Display DTC help information and service information, record and playback tested data, DTCs search and help. The higher version has more function and work with more car brand: Creader VII supports basic diagnostic functions for full system of one single vehicle model (read & clear DTCS, read data stream). Creader VII+ can diagnose 31 brand car 4 systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS). Creader VIII can diagnose 42 brand car for Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS, also reset oil service light, reset Brake Pads, calibrate steering angle sensor and reset Battery. Creader VII+ (CRP123) covers more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, can test Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag systems.  Creader VIII (CRP129) covers 40 car models( from USA, Europe and Asia) 4 systems(ABS, ECU, Airbag and Transmission).


Compatible Protocols comparison:

1) Launch CREADER IV+, Launch Creader V+ and Creader VI are compatible with only standard OBDII protocols vehicles.

2) Creader VII, Creader VII+ and Creader VIII , Launch iDiag are compatible with standard and non-standard OBDII protocols vehicles.

3) Launch X431 Creader VII+ (CRP123) and Creader VIII (CRP129) are compatible with both OBDII and EOBD protocols.



All of the Launch Creaders can update in the official website:


Language available

CREADER IV: English, French, Spanish

Creader V+:English, French, Spanish

Creader VI: Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish

Creader VII: Simplified Chinese, English

Creader VII+: Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish

Creader VIII: Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish

Launch X431 iDiag: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Arabic, Serbian, Romanian, Danish, Farsi, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Korean.


Whole Launch Creader scanners at

How to use X431 Auot Diag on iphone ipad ipod touch

Posted by Launch X431 on April 28, 2014 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

X431 Auot Diag iOS requirements:

X431 Auot Diag works with iphone ipad ipod touch with iOS 5.0 or above iOS 5.0.


Step one: install Terminal Software

Let me show how to install X431 Auto diag software on Iphone. Firstly, open Appstore on your Iphone, and then search X431, in the search result click one area to install, like X431 china.

Step two: connect X431 Auto Diag diagnostic connector with car and iphone ipad ipod touch

a.connect X431 Auto Diag diagnostic connector with car

Plug DBscar interface near the steering wheel as the following picture shows. And then open X431 Auto Diag , turn on the ignition of the car.

b. connect X431 Auto Diag diagnostic connector with iphone ipad ipod touch

Open the Bluetooth of Iphone to search the device, the name of device Bluetooth is diagnostic connector serial number; matching Bluetooth does not need password.

Step three: register CC number

After connect well the diagnostic connector, open the diagnostic software installed in your iphone (ipad ipod touch), click “settings” on the upper right corner to enter and register CC number as the following picture shows, note: you could enter your email address as your user name, also you could register at

Step four: connector registration

After login, click “connector registration” in the “settings”, (register X431 Auto Diag diagnostic connector into CC account). The diagnostic connector serial number will automatically get, if not, please exist the software and enter again or manually input the connector serial number ( the SN is marked on the DBScar connector). Click serial number and in the box of X431 Auto Diag you open the password letter to get the password. Finish registration as the following pictures shows.

Step five: Pay the software (you are allowed to pay on the PC)

After finish registering x431 Auto diag, please click “get the software” (browse, log in with the CC number and password, then go to the page for ordering the software, select the software according to the car model, you are available to buy multiple software as you want.

Step 6, Download the software

Click the diagnostic software to download, download the paid software and the free software (The OBDII software is free of charge).


Step seven, now you are ready to use Launch Auto Diag to diagnose car models

Back to the page of car models selection and click the car model icon you paid. You are ready to diagnose. The following pictures show how deal with the southeastern cars. Note: when the PLC program releases the newest version, the terminal will give priority to the update of the PLC program.

 Any questions, please visit: and email to: Sales[email protected]

How to update Launch X431 software

Posted by Launch X431 on April 18, 2014 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (0)

With the hot selling of launch X431 products, the up

1.Download software

1) Log in

2) Click “Log in” at the upper right corner, input Login name and password.

3) Click the button “Log in”, one dialog box popup named “Security Alert”, select “Yes”.

4) Enter Download Center.

5) One-by-one to download DBSCAR_SERIES-UPDATE, firmware upgrade package, X431 IV DISPLAY and car models software.

6) Please create new folder on the desktop and name as “X431”.

7) The software saves as the “X431” folder, click “save”.

8 ) After download, the following listed file is what you download.


 1) Double click “DBSCAR_SERIES-UPDATE”and install it.

 2) Choose English, click OK and follow the instruction to setup the software. After finish installation, click Start-All Programs- Launch_Dbs- Dbscar Serial Update Tool.

3) Open “Dbscar Serial Update Tool”.

4) Please tick before the software you want to update, and click “ Update” .

5) The picture display update successfully.

6) Take out CF card or TF card; insert into the X431 main unit, then X431 can work.

 Note: after update, maybe the main unit will ask you to adjust the touch screen, it is normal, after correctly adjust the touch screen, Launch X431 will work.

The direction of Launch X431 iCard

Posted by Launch X431 on April 9, 2014 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Product link:

How to connect X-431 iCard

Follow the steps described as below:

1. Get Launch scanner X-431 iCard ready.

2. Locate vehicle’s DLC socket: it provides standard 16 pins and is generally located on driver’s side, about 12 inch away from the center of dashboard.

See the following picture. If DLC is not equipped under dashboard, an label indicating its position will be given. In case no DLC is found, please refer to Automobile Repair Manual.


3. Plug the iCard into DLC socket.

Installing and unstalling X431 iCard diag software

1. Installing

The following 2 ways are available:

A. Download and install it directly from Internet. Visit and click Download, a dialog box similar to the picture will appear, click “install” button to proceed.

B. Manually install it from SD card:

Log in to download the software into the SD card of your phone. Remember the target folder and then do as follows:

1) Find the iCard.apk file saved in your SD card.

2) Touch iCard.apk, the screen will appear as the above pic, click “install”.

Note: While installing, do NOT attempt to delete data or format SD card. Otherwise the application may fail to run.

3) A progress bar will be shown on the screen. After installation is complete, click “Open” to run iCard application immediately (To run it, make sure that Bluetooth has been paired, otherwise no data will be obtained). Click “Done” to exit. An iCard icon will appear on the main menu of the phone.2. Unistalling

The method of uninstalling Launch X431 iCard software is same as that of uninstalling other phone applications. For details, please refer to user’s manual for your phone.

Launch X431 iCard bluetooth setting

To operate software, The Launch scanner Bluetooth must be paired and then linked, or else you can not get any data.

1. Enter Bluetooth settings of your phone, turn on Bluetooth and scan for devices, the system will list out the search result. Click the desired device.

2. A dialog box shown as Pic-01 will pop up on the screen, type default PIN 0000, and then click “OK” to start pairing.


3. Touch iCard icon on the phone desktop to enter the main menu function as Pic-02. Click “bluetooth” on the bottom of the screen to enter.

4. Touch the Launch X431 iCard desired matched device shown in the box to connect. To search for other devices, click “Searching Bluetooth device”, a search result list similar to Pic-03 will appear on the screen. Touch the desired one to proceed. The next time you activate it, the system will link automatically.

Note: After you set or change bluetoothpair, the system will reset automatically and enter the main menu.

Start diagnosing

 To make use of it correctly, please comfirm that the following conditions are met:

1. X431 iCard has  been properly connnected;

2. Vehicle has been energized or ignition has been turned on;

3. The distance between phone and iCard should be kept within 10 meters;

4. Bluetooth pair and connection has been done successfully.




X431 V diagnosis connection shows

Posted by Launch X431 on March 25, 2014 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

X431 V is designed on vehicle fault diagnosish technology, such as widely coverage at vehicle model, powerful test function, more special function, more accurate test data, etc.


First you can use golo connector to connnect to your smart phone. Then you can do all system fault diagnosis of vehicle at any time, then form a diagnosis report, and transfer the report to maintenance technicians and related personnel through the account management interface, then you can get the remote consultation and repair advice.

How to set Launch X431 Diagun III bluetooth

Posted by Launch X431 on March 21, 2014 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Launch X431 Diagun III bluetooth set steps

1. Plug the Bluetooth into the OBD2 diagnostic socket of the car.




3. Click “Set Default Bluetooth”


4. Searching Bluetooth


5. Bluetooth Search completed.


6. Succeeded to set the default Bluetooth and then click “back” to desktop.


7. Click “Diagnosis Via Bluetooth”


8. Select Vehicle you want to diagnose.


9. Choose the diagnostic software Version.


10. Proceed to diagnostic information identification: Hardware version number, Download

version NO, S/N and Boot version No.


11. The following picture shows the diagnostic result, including: trouble code, description and state.

Launch X431 iDiag operation

Posted by Launch X431 on March 18, 2014 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a Launch X431 iDiag operation gudie. For this, you can know X431 iDiag connection and installation.